Moose Lake Club


We have set the Theme so that Front Page Post is a static page-  in this case titled Home,  as we are using WordPress as a web page rather than a blog.


SO we used this page but then copied it into a regular Page and set the the post feature to use this static page rather than our most recent blog


RR 0812


The purpose of this site it to make the history and  on-going activities of the Moose Lake Club available to members and their families.

All pages are password protected for privacy.

Contact a Moose Lake Club member for permission to access the site,

or web site editor Rick Rayfield

About Rick Rayfield

former Moose Lake Club president former associate professor of psychology at Roosevelt University, later part-time at Norwich University and adjunct at St Joseph University in psychology and liberal studies, consultant and contractor for computerizing behavioral research labs, early computerized VO2 max measurement systems, computerized mass spectrometry of expired air, behavior analysis of methadone maintained heroin users, behavior analysis of rodent model of psychogenic diarrhea, single unit recordings of visual cortex plasticity in adult and young cats and squirrel monkeys, neurotransmitter levels in rodents on different schedules of food reinforcement, freemasons, community and church choirs, opera choruses, bicycle tour leader, father of four daughters, Boy Scout and Cub Scout leader, swimming instructor, Town moderator and Justice of the Peace, elementary school volunteer nature teacher and ski coach, home builder, Proprietor of the Tempest Book Shop in Waitsfield, Vermont.
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